Dankbaarheid In Die Laan

Vandat ons woonomstandighede verander het
Het julle ons volhartig bygestaan
Vanaf vroegoggend goeie môre sê
Het julle ons geleer om te woon in die Laan

Daar is so baie wat julle vir ons gegee het
Dit beteken meer as wat julle ooit sal weet
Julle het jul harte en huise aan ons oopgemaak
Daardie goedhartigheid is nie iets wat ons ooit sal kan vergeet

Never Alone (Redux)

GOD wants to help us each time we are hurt
HE wants to give us the strength to stand up and dust off the dirt
We need to remember that we are never alone
OUR Heavenly Father is alive, HE’s seated on the throne
Tori Kelly sings, “I’ve seen my world crumble and I’ve carried the shame”
So whenever it feels like it’s all too much for you, just call out HIS name

The Words of Nicholas Sparks

If you could send a Message In A Bottle
What would it say?
Would it be a long letter?
Or simply something to tell of your day?

If your world was falling apart
And the very foundation underneath you was shook
Would you want to forget everything
Or would you want to jot it all down in The Notebook?

If you only had one day left on Earth
In the middle of spring in September
Would you prefer to stay in the house
Or would you want to have A Walk to Remember?

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life
Would you listen to something acoustic and long?
Or would you choose something that sums up your life
And make that The Last Song?

If you found yourself lost and unable to go home
Would you be brave and show everyone you don’t need savin’
Or would you continue until you felt home in your heart
And call that your Safe Haven?

If you were going on your last road trip
Would you go somewhere and simply watch the tide?
Or would you go on an unplanned trip with your loved ones
And make it The Longest Ride?

These are all questions gnawing at each person at some point in their life
The need to answer it is like a dog that continuously barks
Maybe these questions cannot be answered by mere reasoning
Or maybe the answers can be found in the words of Nicholas Sparks

She Is Strong (Redux)

She is strong because she has empathy
She is strong because she takes words said in anger with a grain of salt
She is strong because she doesn’t expect sympathy
Her heart is as strong as a vault

Beneath every hurtful word
Lies a hidden desire to belong
Though you won’t say it, you’re broken and afraid
That’s why you feel justified even you are wrong

Now, my friend listen to me
And please heed my advice
There are more people that love you than you can see
So before hurting someone else, please think twice©

The Truth Hurts?

Everyone says that telling the truth is the right thing to do
But right for who? Is it right for me or right for you?
The truth can be bitter and it’s often hard to swallow
It can change happiness today into resentment tomorrow
So tell us the truth but sugarcoat it as much as you possibly can
The truth often feels forbidden, but when exactly did we start this ban?
When did we decide that if the truth hurt too much, it shouldn’t be spoken?
When did we decide that the truth should be kept quiet, lest our hearts be broken?
No matter how much the truth hurts, lies hurt far worse
But we live in a world where telling the truth is akin to a curse
The moment you say it, the room becomes quiet and you can feel the atmosphere change
Within a split second the entire situation becomes rather strange

The Downside of Instant Messaging (Redux)

Always ready with a quick reply
Often starting a conversation without even saying ‘hi’
Your anger is clear and can’t be misunderstood
Your sharp tongue does more harm than good
The words you send spews venom and makes me afraid to answer my phone
I don’t know how to tell people the full extent of your brutality, this is something I’ll have to handle alone
I still can’t understand why it’s so easy for you to send something so hurtful to another human being
Is this actually a cry for help? There has to be more to this than what I’m seeing…

Two Sides to Everyone

Just as a coin has two sides, all people have two sides too
Perhaps not like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde but we all certainly do
The side we show the world, the beauty of our life
And the side no one knows about where we hide all our strife
Maybe because it’s harder to share our losses than our wins
Accepting that both are a part of life is when life truly begins

Not ‘Poetry’ (Redux)

I was never someone who could make words rhyme
In retrospect, maybe it was just a matter of time
Now, the words have started to flow in a different way
I think I finally understand exactly what I want to say
It doesn’t sound like poetry, at least not in a traditional sense
It’s my way of putting my entire life under a lens
Though it’s scary, it’s also cathartic in a way
It’s about sharing my story and telling my truth at the end of the day


A constant friend
Always there
When I’m alone
But especially in a crowd

A constant reminder
Always there
When I’m happy
But especially when I’m sad

A constant in life

No One Like HIM (Redux)

GOD is always there
He continues to be there, even when we are unaware
Even when we deny HIM and refuse to acknowledge HIM, HE’s there
Through it all, HE loves us the same and continues to care
There’s nothing you can do to make HIM love you less
HIS love isn’t dependant on anything you do, HE loves you even when you’re a mess
HIS love is relentless, unconditional and never-ending
Give your broken heart to HIM, HE’ll do the mending
Hillsong United sings, “There is none like YOU, there is nothing like YOUR love”
There is truly no one like HIM and HIS love is a gift from above